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I first met Chef David Santos cooking at a City Grit event I photographed. He was running the Um Segredo supper club out of his home in Rosevelt Island at the time, and has since opened his own restaurant, Louro, in the West Village, which opened one and half years ago. At the restaurant, Chef Santos has kept the supper club tradition alive (more…)

This Photography Blog is the personal project of professional photographer Myriam Babin. Here, she combines her editorial background, film set work experience, and a fascination with kitchen culture to explore behind the scenes of restaurants in New York City and beyond.

In her photographs, Babin captures both the grit and glamour inherent to kitchens. She documents the energy that can be found in these busy interior spaces: the intense pace, the heat, sweat and burns combined with the finesse and attention to detail that goes into creating beautiful food.

I am delighted to be working on my first book with the wonderful Princeton Architectural Press. For now, I can say that it will be kitchen and New York related, though with a slightly different twist from what you have been seeing on this blog. More details to come soon!

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