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Union Republic

Union Republic is the brainchild of Chef Gregory Torrech and his business partner Noah Sexton. We last visited the two at MAE, their first Jersey City venture, which they had to close just over a year ago due to a conflict with the landlord. We interviewed Torrech this morning to see what has transpired (more…)

This Website Combining her photography and a personal interest in culinary culture, Myriam Babin created New York Kitchen, a blog documenting behind the scenes of New York City restaurants.

In her photographs, Babin captures both the grit and glamour inherent to the city’s kitchens. Viewers get a glimpse of the energy that can be found in these busy spaces: the frenetic and intense pace, the heat, sweat and burns combined with the finesse and attention to detail that goes into creating beautiful food.

Yes, we have at last given in to the good times that are to be had at Instagram! Until we find a better spot for this button, you can find Myriam's visual musings here: